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So... you don’t think you need a designer??

Ever experienced the “Ooops Factor”?

“But they said you could do it for $500 on HGTV!!!!!”

Some of our best clients tried that...
hire an AIDP Designer.

“I know what I like but I don’t know how to put it together... the closets are full of stuff...”

Call an AIDP Designer!

“I have a friend who has a knack”

How did that work out for you?!
Call an AIDP Designer!

“But... that tv designer who used to be a hair stylist said it was easy to use a nail gun!... Well... it looked easy!”

a trip to the ER is more expensive than lots of product...
hire an AIDP Designer.

“The designer just hit a few keys on the computer and there is all was... can you do that?”...

All prepared long before the show and not in a key stroke... it can be done but there is an expense to it...

An AIDP Designer will be there for you!

The other remarks are tongue - in - cheek, but there is real truth in them.

HGTV is both wonderful and harmful.  You see many things are not totally truthful.  They show many people working yet show no consultation fees and labor.  We all know these are very necessary parts of a project.

Your time is valuable and the chance for mistakes is plentiful.  A designer eliminates many of the risks and will remove that responsibility from your shoulders.

Can I afford a designer?  Why, yes!  Talk with your designer.  Give him or her the opportunity to help you plan, estimate your project and then ask if it is reasonable.


Fees for design services vary and most times there is a consultation fee.  Talk with us.  We can make it happen.

Having a beautiful home that suits your personality should be a pleasure... not stressful.

Insure the integrity of your home project.

Give us a call today!



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