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My name is Hazel G. Johnson and I live in Greensboro, NC.  I met "Re" Murray about four years ago at The Ideal Home Show. She had a beautifully decorated room and was helping with the High Point Shelter Sale. We hit it off right away.  She gave me a card to her shop in Kernersville. I went within a week and it was "love at first sight".  Her taste is excellent and the way she talked to me about how she works with her clients was very impressive. She was willing to do as much or as little as I wanted. She was not pushy or insistent on having her way. She listened to what I wanted and what I liked.  I had a budget and she respected what I planned to spend. When we started to order items and they would come in she would schedule a time to deliver and was flexible to work with my time as well. And as life goes, things go wrong and the way Re handled vendors and changes helped make the project run smooth and timely.  I have recommended her to "family and friends". They have had the same experience that I did. When ever I want to just freshen up a room or decorate for the holidays or a special occasion I start with a phone call to Re before driving over and she helps me fine tune my ideas and I am always satisfied!

Hazel G. Johnson


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